BO-AT Harbour

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BO-AT Harbour also known as Boat on the Lagcraft Server. It is currently one of the oldest cities on the server and is always accepting new players.

Town Info
Founder(s) warriors_10
Date When was this town founded?
Gate-Info What color is this towns portal?
Coordinates x = 2000 z = 400
Mayors warriors_10, smellyonionman (Deputy)
Staff cf3102, Incognito_101, Hakalaken, Nickblockmaster, Maelonic
Residents death_10, Hamicros, broodd, dylsta, dylann916, Kitzy, KageRazor, wjb21301, pluto, InvaderNiko, owlyreader, oasb, kpollo, rbsthree, XenoBeast, Regar

  1. Follow server rules. The server rules take priority over the town rules.
  2. Build within your given plot size, even if it is underground. Normal plot size is 10by10.
  3. Do not PvP within or near the town. Town members must return items in a friendly match.
  4. Houses built must not use only cobblestone and dirt.
  5. Town members must obey City Staff.
  6. For the love of God, do not grief. Since Creepers are the most threat to the city, the person who caused a Creeper explosion must repair damaged blocks.

More Info
Activities Ice Rink, swimming pool
Landmarks Parliament building, Bridge, Airport and more.