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Craftbook is a plugin which allows for highly complicated redstone circuits to be compacted into only three pieces; a sign, a block, and a lever. These Integrated Circuits (ICs) can do everything from detecting players to changing the weather. Craftbook also gives players the ability to create bridges, and gates without pistons.

On top of that, there are a number of features that include Minecarts and Rail Systems. By placing specific blocks beneath rails and adding signs to some, players can create stations, more efficient boosters, and collectors.

The Official Craftbook Wiki has information not covered in this wiki, however be aware many things are not accurate as we use a very custom version of thus plugin.

Rail Mechanics

See Rail System
For Railway's there is a number of minecart features with multiple functions.

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

See Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuits (ICs) are used to either make redstone easier (like delayers) or add features (like detectors).

Craftbook Blocks



Bridges are the horizontal versions of doors. When a sign is toggled, the blocks in-between the signs will disappear, or "open". Signs go on each side of the bridge, which can be a maximum width of 5, and a maximum length of 20.

The signs for the bridges are placed on top of or below the end blocks that you want to be toggled. Signs can be activated either by right clicking or by activating the sign by redstone in the same manner as doors.

Allowed Blocks

Stone Grass Dirt Cobble
Plank Logs Glass Sandstone
Double Slab Slab Wool Mossy Cobble
Nether Brick Smooth Brick

Possible Uses

  • Secure bridges to isolated locations
  • Pitfall traps



Gates are toggleable vertical blocks which are comprised of either fence blocks and netherbrick fences. They're a more aesthetic version of doors for large entry ways and aren't easily hidden.

Gates can be made by placing a sign on a block adjacent to any fence block in a gate with [Gate] on the second line. It can be activated by redstone or by right-clicking the sign as with doors and bridges.

Gates can be 10 blocks wide maximum.

Allowed Blocks

  • Iron Bars
  • Normal Fences
  • Netherbrick Fences



Lifts are simply two or more signs on the same X and Z axis that act as elevators. Right clicking on one sign will take you either up or down. You can place multiple lift signs on the same axis with the same direction, i.e. Three Lift Up signs on the same axis or two lift up signs and one lift down.

To create a lift, place [Lift Up] or [Lift Down] on the second line on a sign. You must have at least two of these signs on the same X and Z axis for it to work. They can be placed on any block type, but there must be a floor beneath the sign for a user to stand on. Even if that floor is only temporary (hint, hint).

The Lift System reads the first line on the arriving sign as the floor name. EX: if the signs are set up like this:

[lift down]
[lift up]

Then when taking the lift sign up to the next lift sign, it would read out as "Floor: Bedroom" in chat, and when going back it would read out: "Floor: Lobby"

Lifts, Bridges, and Player-detection ICs make for fun and imaginative gameplay.