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The server uses a Economy plugin in conjunction with a Chest Shops plugin for in game currency. Players may also pay each other money for transaction of goods.


For your current balance, type:


To pay another player money, type:

/pay [playername] [amount] [e.g. /pay jadedwolf 250]

More commands can be found in economy commands list.

Chest Shops

Chest Shop lets you either sell or buy items from a chest. Setting a shop up is easy to do.

First, place a sign above a chest. It will automatically be locked for you. The lines on the sign should follow this format:

  1. <blank>
  2. Quantity (How many you wish to sell in one transaction)
  3. B <Buying price> : S <Selling price>
    It is possible to do only buying or selling, just omit the other. The buying price is what others pay to buy from you. The selling price is what you pay others.
  4. <item name or id>
    Type /iteminfo when holding the item to find out what the name/ID is.

Your name will be added to the top line of the sign. Note that the B and S are added automatically as well.

ChestShop 02.png

Load up the chest with the item you put on the sign, and your shop is complete. In this example, danta77 is selling 5 stone for 5 money. You can sell danta77 5 stone for 10 money.

You sell to shops with left-click, and buy from them with right-click.


Where can I put my chest?

Anywhere you want. There is a public market near Ye old spawn. You can, however, place a chest anywhere you like. Within reason.

Can I use double chests?

Sure. You can have two signs above the chest selling different things as well.

Can I be scammed?

It is impossible to sell something for a value other than what is on the sign. If you see anyone trying to scam, alert the administration. You can use /report issues here

How do I find the item ID of my item?

Hold the item in your hand and type:


More info here