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Lagcraft's Genesis

The original server started as a side project of MaximusBlack for his personal youtube channel, shortly after his rise to popularity by the famous "When Cheese Fails" videos. The server ran a vanilla version of the Minecraft server, with no mods whatsoever. The minecraft server became extremely popular within a matter of days due to the I'm on a Boat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LboxYc1LlbE) video. Shortly thereafter, the server began to fail for a variety of reasons.

The server, as it grew instantly popular, also became the target for griefing teams, which proceeded to destroy much of what was the original server. Within a matter of hours everything that had been created was destroyed. Jadedwolf, seeing this occur was quick to offer his assistance. It was at this time that MaximusBlack decided to hand the server over to Jadedwolf completely. In the following few days, the server transformed into the roots of what it truly is now.

During the time that Jadedwolf had the server, MaximusBlack became less and less interested in playing minecraft, due to partnership agreements and his attempt at making a career of online gaming media. It is during this time that the server became it's own seperate entity for the first time, originally known as MBCraft. When MBCraft moved from the LagTV community to become its own server, Jadedwolf and IceMage became the two owners of the server, each playing a key role in the server's success. The server moved from a donated VPS, to a VPS rented by one of the owners, giving the server a bit more stability and speed, increasing the player count to upwards of 40 players. The server soon maxed out, and a dedicated box was ordered to replace the VPS.

The dedicated server, based out of Germany, seemed like it was going to be the permanent home of MBCraft for some time. However, a cataclysmic event occurred in which not only did MaximusBlack, but also NovaWar, both began to show interest in the Minecraft community they inspired over a year ago. This sent the server into a flurry of issues, as the original dedicated box was not built to handle literally hundreds of players attempting to play all at the same time. Server stability suffered drastically, and hardware failures began to occur on an almost weekly basis. The server was then relocated to the United states to handle the new influx of interest, into a better located data center, with major server hardware upgrades from previous boxes. This was to be the home of what was now LagCraft.com.