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IRC is Internet Relay Chat. MBcraft/lagcraft has an IRC chat channel for real time public discussion:

  • Channel: #LagCraft
  • Network:

How to connect

To connect to IRC you need an IRC client; many are available for free download, and some even run within your browser.

  • Our recommended client is irssi (
  • For windows users, XChat ( or mIRC ( may be easier to use.
  • Users of linux distros usually have IRC preinstalled in their systems, if not install konversation or your choice of client and join us!

Communication Conduct

While using Mumble or IRC, you are subject to some more rules than in-game, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • No page spamming or private message spamming. This is the same as in-game spamming.
  • No using Twentymine/Lagcrafts Mumble or IRC for communicating on a competitor’s server.
  • No impersonation of other users or Staff is permitted.
  • No repeated abuse of other players in IRC.
  • No file sharing or copyright infringing connections.

Trash talk and slander is for in-game and Mumble. Why not IRC? Simple: IRC is far more public than Mumble and in-game. Just as the forums have this rule, so does IRC. Free speech does NOT apply, as it does in-game. Therefore you may be kicked or banned from IRC at a moderator's discretion. Usual reasons for bans are spam, excessive whining, trolling and general abusive or immature behavior. However, most moderators and admins are quite tolerant, and IRC bans are rare.

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