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Questions, comments, build planning, rule discussion, technical problems, ban appeals, and all other inquiries or shenanigans can be posted on the Lagcraft Survival Forum

Buildings Subject to Removal

  • non-labeled projects
  • Single column towers
  • Buildings that do not fit the lore of the server
  • Buildings within 200 blocks of any of the 5 spawns.

Be Polite!

  • No trolling unless it is completely good-natured and not offending anyone.
  • Don't spam random blocks everywhere.
  • Just be nice!


Aside from regular Minecraft gameplay, the Lagcraft Survival server also includes the following functionality:


  • A full world map is available.

World / Grief Protection

  • TNT is limited to only entity damage not block damage
  • Fire will not spread, and will not destroy blocks
  • Creeper explosions and Endermen will not destroy blocks

Population Density

  • Divides the world into regions progressing away from the origin.
  • Finds a region with plenty of easy to obtain resources and assigns it as the home region for new players until it becomes too populated.
  • Allows players to teleport to from region post to region post.


  • You can scuba underwater for unlimited time by wearing a pumpkin head


  • Towns can be created, managed, and joined by following the instructions on the Town Page

Server Shops

  • Several different items are available for sale at the Server Shops.