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Life's a Glitch TV, the channel popular for the hilarious shows "When Cheese Fails" and "Novawar says" has created a seperate youtube channel that is starting out dedicated to Minecraft content.

MaximusBlack (Jeff) and Novawar (Adam) have been involved with minecraft off screen for a long term and have been running a server dedicated to their fans, but they have only recently surprised their fans with news that they are going to be actively recording it. I personally can't wait for the banter as they repeatedly get blown across the map in creeper ambushes.

Their plan appears to be to live stream everything on and then transfer the material to youtube for all of their fans to enjoy. From what I personally know about LagTV, having been a fan for a long time, is that they put a large amount of effort into pleasing their fans and that they like to get their community involved where it's viable. MaximusBlack spends a large amount of time live streaming (Starcraft for the most part), but it'll be worth watching their stream for when the Minecraft material comes out. On the other hand, the reason that they have set up this seperate channel (as opposed to putting the videos on the older channel) is to make it easier for you, the viewer, to watch the specific material that you are interested in.

Unless you are familiar with their starcraft material, and I know that the majority of you might not be, this might all seem a little redundant to you, but they are certainly funny people to watch in any game (whether it's for the inevitable rage, or the ridiculous anecdotes), and they are certainly worth checking out. On a more personal note, I'm really looking forward to this, being a fan of both LagTV and Minecraft, and I'll certainly be watching as much of this as I can.

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