Map replace

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Still in progress, but it's necessary to throw the maps info up now.

Standard Map Replacement Policy

Please note that this does not apply to our 1.3 reset.

When is the main map replaced?

We replace the primary map when it's been in use long enough to feel cluttered, used up, or when enough Minecraft versions have been released that it's terrain is too outdated.

Will I lose my stuff?

When we typically replace a map, we actually create the new map but then wait awhile before deleting the old map. This means: The new map will be the new main world with a new inventory and a fresh start. The old map will be playable and build-able if you want, but again it will not be your main inventory anymore. The people who wants to start fresh will have the opportunity to do so and the ones that want to keep building their existing constructions will also.

Where can I download the map when we're done?

See the end of this page. New map links are added here when available.

Will I lose my money, skills, ranks?

Yes. They all get reset to prevent any balance issues and unfairness.

Will you world-edit my house/stuff?

No. The point of a new map is to start fresh. Not only would moving houses be a massive project we don't have time for, but it defeats the purpose. However, we WILL move several towers and spawn so that the new world doesn't seem too empty for new players.

When will the secondary worlds be replaced?

Sometimes, a new minecraft update comes out and we're not ready to replace the main world. This is when we create the secondary worlds. We will replace all secondary worlds when the main world is being replaced. Otherise it's a per-case decision.

How do you announce the world move?

The forums, and in-game in a PSA.