Minecraft Creative

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Welcome to the creative server! This server is for creative building, group builds and other advanced creative builds that would just be unfeasible in Survival.

With the merger of LagCraft.com and Twentymine.com, we have restructured a bit, but mostly just for Guests. The key difference is that guests will be limited to building in the plotworld to showcase their building abilities, as well as create a plot to show off to staff in hopes of promotion to higher ranks.


The ranks on creative are different than survival, and run independently of there. When you connect, your name will be white and you will only be a guest that can only build in the plotworld. Anyone can go visit the other worlds or others homes, as well as warp around with the /warp command.

Anyone that had previously been granted build privileges will retain their rank and abilities, with tweaks to the abilities to come as this is now a completely creative mode-based server.

Other commands

For most people, /home /warp and /worlds will be all you need. For Vips with a green name, there is a flatworld for you to build pixelart in, as well as a new world dubbed "Noidea" that people can build in. Evips are the next rank up and more powerful tools are available to them like toolbelt tools, and you can trust that people with blue names have contributed to the server in a positive way and can be trusted and are knowledgeable about things.

Typical stuffs

Once all that is out of the way, feel free to claim a spot and start building!. Be sure to sign your things as well, lest they be removed.

More info will be added soon, we look forward to building great things!