Minecraft Survival

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Hello and welcome to Lagcraft Survival server. We are a legit server, so you must mine and gather your own resources.

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Server Chat

When talking in chat you will be in local chat by default, local chat only sends messages to a defined area of 200 blocks around the player. To send messages to global you will have to start your message with an explanation ! mark.

Private Messaging

use /tell [player] [message] to send a message to another player. Only they will hear it.

use /tell [player] to initiate a conversation with that player. All of the messages you type will go to them.

Getting Help In-Game

Believe it or not admins are usually busy with improvements to the server, and if there are 10 players screaming for help it can be very frustrating. If you want to get help or talk to an admin please help us out first by asking for that help in a organized way. This will insure that you get the help you need in a timely manner.

How NOT to ask for help:

  • Repeatedly typing admins name until they respond. This gets very irritating, especially when there are multiple players doing this at the same time. This make us not want to help you. It also causes chat spam.
  • Raging in chat that you are not getting any help. This is even more annoying since a lot of the times we are busy and simply don't see your message in chat.

Proper ways of asking for help

  • We have a request system implemented on the server. This will make sure you are heard by an admin or a moderator even if there are 10 other players that need assistance.
  • This also let's you request for help while there are no admins or moderators are online.

Submitting a Request

/ticket [message]

This will be used to submit a request for help from am admin or a mod. For example:

/ticket I found a house locked in town and I can't grief to enter because of town protections.

Information to Include in Requests

  1. Write legible so it's easy to understand, and proof read what you write.
  2. Make the request at the location of interest if applicable as we can teleport to location where the request was created. Please specify in what world the request was made. Was it made in pvp or peacefull?
  3. Don't make requests for things that were answered in the guide/rules page. Those will be closed right away.

Good: /ticket My house in the main world got griefed a lot. I need an admin to do a rollback. Using /hk tool I found out that it was Steve2353 who did the griefing.
Bad: /ticket i got grifeted!!!!1111! Help!!!
Good: /ticket I need a door unlocked in my town in the main world that some other player randomly locked.
Bad: /ticket Some a-hole locked a door, come fix this now!
Good: /ticket I found a mob trap, which is against the rules. can you destroy it?
Bad: /ticket I alsdfjka lkajeoij dlaoij alkejrae.