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Started on the whim of a tall man, NovaLand was built by the minions stalkers followers of NovaWar (formerly known as Adam). The town was built on some nice ocean front property not far from the West Spawn nestled by the side of a mountain. Then NovaWar said the mountain must go and it was leveled by the his minions stalkers legion followers. The once rustic area is now a manicured and air conditioned paradise.

Town Info
Founder(s) NovaWar
Date When was this town founded?
Gate-Info Light Blue
Coordinates x= -3274, y= 64, z= -167
Mayors NovaWar
Staff dmhay, Kuhlee
Residents Who lives in this town?

  1. All standard server rules apply
  2. All tree houses must be built outsided the city walls and can be connected to the city by tunneling underground to protect them from mobs durign travel.
  3. Houses must be at least 1 block apart.
  4. Houses built outside the city walls on the water must be 250 blocks away from the wall unless told otherwise. (by a city admin or assistant)
  5. Adam has say over all housing. If you receive a sign telling you to change your house, do so within a week or we shall get staff to change it for us.
  6. Regarding trees, clean up your mess and replant. i.e. do not leave floating leaf blocks.
  7. Listen to all admins and commanders when they tell you to do something or else there will be problems.
  8. Ask a mod if you have any issues with griefing or rule breaking. Adam and the commanders cannot take care of those problems for you. Please do not ask us.
  9. Do not tear any houses down even if Adam has told you. This may be considered as griefing and might get you banned. Talk to staff about such claims.
  10. GLHBGGNORESNSD also good luck have Fred Penner.

More Info
Activities none
Landmarks none
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