Spleef City

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Spleef City was founded back when the server first made the transition from 1.7 of the pre release to 1.8. during that time, the server got a brand new world. Spleef City was the first established official city and is still active today. Spleef city is based on the popular minecraft mini-game, Spleefing. See Spleefing. The founder of Spleef City was senorsuave. When senorsuave left, Brandonloves was appointed mayor. when Brandonloves stopped showing up in-game, Sir_Oh_My_God was appointed mayor by the staff of MBCraft. three months after senorsuave left, he returned and took over as mayor again.

Town Info
Founder(s) senorsuave
Date Sep,12,2011
Gate-Info PINK MO-FO
Coordinates x= -1, y= 64, z= 397
Mayors senorsuave>brandonloves>Sir_Oh_My_God>senorsuave
Staff none live here, except LadieMaximus
Residents See residents below

  1. All are welcome.
  2. Build no higher than 256 and no lower than bedrock.
  3. Take only one plot. connecting to neighbors is allowed as long as they are ok with it.
  4. Help out in approving the city and other cities too.
  5. Participate in all city contests for Spleef.
  6. Anything in the city mine is up for grabs
  7. report all griefing by /report [problem] [details]
  8. Relax and Have Fun: Motto of Spleef City

More Info
Activities See attractions below
Landmarks See attractions below
Notes none


Spleef City has many attractions since it is the oldest city on the server, it has seen many builds.

the inside of the church in the city Location: -21, 64, 455
the mansion of Mr. M and block museum Location: -94, 64, 429
  • Abandoned Mineshaft Tour: Take a roller coaster ride through an abandoned mineshaft. see a cave spider spawner safely behind bars and venture deep into the mines and return with many minerals.
  • Spleef City Church: Our giant monument just so happens to be the best church on the server. come enjoy one of senorsuave's sermons or come by for a confessional and advice. maybe MaximusBlack himself will come by and bless the server with his words.
  • Mr. M's Mansion/Block Museum: come see the giant mansion of Mr. M who has graciously opened his doors to the public. come see his extensive collection of every block type currently available. perhaps theres more to the mysterious Mr. M than there appears to be.
  • Spleef City Spleefing Arena: Yes, Spleef City has a spleefing arena, go figure. come enjoy the competitive sport of spleefing and if you crave more bloodshed, Spleef City's PVP Arena is located upstairs. The pvp arena has collapsible arena walls for real time combat changes.
  • NOW OPEN! The Mr. M Adventures: Episode 1: The Mysterious Mr. M: "So, you followed me down here eh? im impressed, perhaps you would like to join our ranks. if you can pass my trials, i might just let you join the Company. May the gaze of The Eye lead you to Glory." -Mr. M
  • COMING SOON The Golden Shovel Casino: Come and play FABULOUS games such as returning favorites Roulette and the ever fabulous Lucky Lotto. Dont have credits? No Problem! we accept many different types of currency. Dont want to gambe? No Worries. Come for the Action and stay for the milk and cookies bar. You dont want to miss all the fun! The Golden Shovel Casino! Soon to have Texas Hold 'em! Thats right, Poker tourneys are just one attraction of the GREATEST CASINO IN MBCRAFT HISTORY."


Spleef city has had many players and has lost many players, currently only a few remain active. Here is a list of all Spleef City residents, active or not:

Active Players Non-Active Players
senorsuave, BNWxrzE3, ghail RDNKZomb1es, LadieMaximus, omniten_otus, kharnalos, Sir_Oh_My_God, MitchtheQuaker, Brandonloves, Powerthrust, LemonheadG, Grakc, FATCAT9080, bswave, dre10, muer03, briancb, le1997, kevindoan, Jr_47, candyhandy, porto188, rockdude1984, TJ_20, jkphoenix, yazoodles,