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Trainees Mods

How to Become


You may have noticed users with a Trusted rank. Being Trusted allows you to use the logging tools to see who edited what and where, and to jail/unjail players.

Members are selected to become trusted based on their playtime and reputation in the game. We base it on the following:

Asking For it
The first rule of Trusted is that you do not ask to be Trusted! This is a rule break too. (asking for items or ranks)
Time Started
This is not a defined amount of time but being with us more than a month is advantageous.
Time Played
Playing once a week will not get you noticed in the community, you need to play regularly for us to see you.
Being involved in discussions on Mumble and on the website will get you noticed.
We constantly have a stream of new members. If you are seen helping them you are more likely to be seen by staff.
No Criminal Record
If you have been banned previously for rule breaking, your chances for being chosen will reduce dramatically

The points above are most of the things staff look at before choosing a player to be trusted, and the best thing to do if you want to be is continue playing and helping out, and you will be chosen. There is no defined time when players are chosen by staff.

Patience is key here, do not ask for it or you will not be chosen!

A Moderator

Our number 1 rule here is do not ask. We hand pick people who seem to do well under pressure, and are helpful to other members. But be advised that if you act like a Know It All, you may not be chosen.