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|<pre>/unstuck</pre>||Nudges a player towards the nearest open spot
|<pre>/unstuck</pre>||Nudges a player towards the nearest open spot
|<pre>/TreeAssist Toggle</pre>||Toggles treeassist for player, see Gameplay for more information
= Home =
= Home =

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Note: Replace text in brackets to correct variable/string. For example:

/msg [playerName] [message]
/msg Icemage Hey!

Help & Rules

Command Description
Shows basic commands
View server rules
Shows a link ingame for the website list of rules
shows the list of player vs. player rules
Shows the current message of the day


Command Aliases Description
In-game list of ticket commands
/ticket-open    [Description]
/ticket, /report
Open a help ticket
/ticket-list    [#]
Show a list of your tickets
/ticket-check   [#]
Check the status of a ticket
/ticket-reply   [#] [Message]
Reply to questions about your ticket
/ticket-resolve [#] [Message]
Resolve your ticket and mark for automatic deletion
/ticket-delete  [#]
Manually delete one of your tickets


Command Description
teleports the player to Spawn
teleports the player to the sand digging area
teleports the player to bo-at city


Command Description
shows who is online
/seen [player]
Shows last time a user was online
/tell [player] [message]
/msg [player] [message]
private messages a player
Toggle chat listening
gives the player his/hers current X,Y,Z coordinates
makes whatever the player is currently holding a hat or helmet (must be a block)
replies with "pong" helps show latency
Nudges a player towards the nearest open spot
/TreeAssist Toggle
Toggles treeassist for player, see Gameplay for more information


Command Description
sets a home point at the players current position
teleports the player to a pre-set home point (requires 2 credits or 1 emerald)

Population Density

Command Description
Tells you which region you're in.
Sets your home region.
Teleports you home.
/InviteToRegion [player]
Invites a player to teleport to your home. Useful for unnamed regions.
Accepts the above invitation.
/VisitRegion [name]
Teleports you to the region you specify.
Teleports you to the newest, most active region.
Teleports you to a random region.
Teleports you to the city, if your server has one.


Command Description
shows the amount of credits tha player has
/pay [player] [amount]
pays the player a certain amount of credits from the players account
/money top5
shows the top 5 wealthiest players
provides information on the players current held item


Command Description
/trade [player]
Requests the named player
/trade accept [player] [amount]
Accepts request of named player
/trade refuse [player] 
Refuses request of named player


Command Description
Deletes a claim.
Deletes a claim and all its subdivisions.
Deletes ALL your claims.
/Trust [player]
/t [player]
Grants a player full access to your claim(s).
/UnTrust [player]
/ut [player]
Revokes a player's access to your claim(s).
/ContainerTrust [player]
/ct [player]
Grants a player access to your containers. (inventory, bed, and buttons/levers)
/AccessTrust [player]
/at [player]
Grants a player entry to your claim(s) and use of your bed, buttons, and levers.
/PermissionTrust [player]
/pt [player]
Grants a player permission to grant his level of permission to others.
Switches the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide your claims.
Ejects you to nearby unclaimed land. Usable once per 8 hours.
Lists permissions for the claim you're standing in.

Lockette Protection

View a tutorial here: Lockette

Misc. Fun or Convenience

Command Description
Shows direction you are facing
Zoom you into sniper mode
Messes you up man...
Undoes /drunk