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Hamburg is the city where the hamburgers live.

Town Info
Founder(s) Ummmmbro
Date When was this town founded?
Gate-Info What color is this towns portal?
Coordinates x = 200 z = 1800
Mayors Ummmmbro, brandonloves
Residents Omergaher0, Forsakenmemory, Noobie14, mrmurphy1, brandonloves, Nailbunny415, thecookies19, EliteCyphrix, laserjess, F_minor, xboxedddie1519, smellyonionman, Rainbowrock, mr_robot45, inthashadows01, Sawwhat420, Rohco98, Y0buttcheek, Malkavian_Mime

  1. Follow server rules. The server rules take priority over the town rules.
  2. Mark your plot with a sign.
  3. Do not build on roads.
  4. projects built in the city without permission will be destroyed. (get permission by leaving project idea on the bulletin board and city staff will get back to you)

More Info
Activities Swimming pool, Farm, Mine, eating at McDonalds, etc
Landmarks Observatory, Library