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First off, don't be a douchebag. That is a global rule across all of our services.

These rules are posted here for clarification and ease of access. Please read them carefully, and follow them closely while on the server. Items in (parenthesis) are put in for further clarification.

Your account, your responsibility When you have an account on this server, it is the account's behavior that we all get to see. If the account does something bad, it's your problem.

If you let someone use your account, or worse, leave it on and unattended, anything that happens is your fault. There is no excuse. There is no reasonable explanation. You will suffer any consequences that the actions of the account would normally suffer. Shared accounts will be treated likewise.

If you are banned for any reason, you will be required to post an unban request in the forums. The admin or moderator that banned you will have to OK your unban request, and it is entirely at their discretion. Do not ask to be unbanned from Mumble. The unban request thread will be watched closely for requests.

Any ban appeals will get the attention of the server owner, who will remove any bans handed out unfairly by the team here, however if you griefed we have zero interest in any excuses that it was your brother, or your sister, or your grand parents as in 99.9% of cases that's complete rubbish. Most users are just shocked they got caught and go into panic with excuses, and we're not interested. Its your Minecraft Account so your responsible for any actions that happen on it.


Here you can see the in game rules.

  1. Do not lie to the staff, and follow their instructions.
  2. No Griefing. You will be banned. Report griefing promptly and properly.
  3. Respect other players & their builds.
  4. Bulding above/below others builds without thier permission is not allowed.
  5. Build as far from spawn as possible.
  6. No bug exploits, hacking or any kind of cheating/client modding.
  7. You must report any exploits or you will be considered an accomplice.
  8. Futher from spawns/players you are, the bigger you can build.
  9. No floating trees or 1x1 dirt pillars.
  10. All staff have the right to make situational judgement calls.

Verbose explanatory detailed additional rules:

  • No stealing. Although this is a survival server we don't allow any stealing from others. There are plenty of other ways of legitimately gathering resources. If you steal something, you will be caught.
  • No killing other players with other methods: traps, potions, etc. unless the other player agrees to it or they are trespassing on your property. No wilderness traps.
  • Respect other people's space. Last thing you would want is someone messing up your view on your beach with another house so be respectful and do the same and ask.
  • If a user asks you to leave them alone, you must obey their wishes.
  • If you feel the need to argue with another player, please do so in PMs. We do not want arguments in the public chat channel. Please keep in mind Staff can see PMs, so obey all rules even when in PMs.
  • If you absolutely have a problem with another player, or feel threatened or uncomfortable because of something another player has said, DO NOT try to handle it yourself, come to a staff member and let us handle it. We do not want people to get upset, we are all friends here.
  • Absolutely NO advertising of ANY other server whatsoever is permitted in any way shape or form. This is very inappropriate, and we do not appreciate people stealing our members.

Building Rules

  • Please place a sign on your house/building with your username on it. This helps if we need to contact you and can’t find records of your name on the build for any reason.
  • Be considerate with space. You are playing on a server with over 4,000 unique visitors weekly and for which hundreds of people play per week. The main world is border-limited. Do not take up more space than you reasonably need – i.e. no mansions for one player to live in. If you want to build something grand, do it in the Creative Server.
  • Admins will provide you with a basic range of materials for building a road / path from your house, and if you wish / if they are willing, will help you build your road to the region post.

Aesthetic Rules

  • 1×1 columns (‘noob towers’) are not allowed, be they as sentry points or otherwise. They will be removed if found.
  • ‘Nature griefing’ is not allowed. Examples include, but are not limited to; stripping a beach of sand right down to the rock without making the area pretty again afterwards, or leaving ‘floating’ trees instead of chopping the whole tree for the leaves to decay naturally. Anyone found leaving floating trees WILL get warned and banned if they continue.
  • With the changes to the lighting system it is now no longer feasible to build large floating structures in the Survival world due to the monster-spawning shadows they produce on the ground below. Please check with an administrator if you plan to build anything floating in the Survival world. Any floating structures found that have not been cleared with Staff will either be deleted or moved to ground level, depending on available space.
  • Snow Golems are a potential cause of nature griefing. If you make them on the survival world, make sure they’re contained. If the admins believe that you’ve been irresponsible in your placement of Snow Golems and they’re running amok covering other players’ land in snow, you may well be banned.

Client Rules

While the use of client-side mods and hacks is somewhat ambiguous, we would like to provide a basic rule to cover their use: if it gives you any advantage in playing the game that using the basic client doesn't provide, then it is considered cheating.

Client Mods and Hacks

The following use of client-side modifications and 'hacks' are prohibited:

  • Modifying your client or your computer to alter the way our servers interact with you.
  • Modifying your client, your computer or any game files to give you an atypical or unfair advantage.

How or why you use the mod/hack is irrelevant - if you use one, and it comes to our attention, then you will be banned. The moderators reserve the right, as always, to use their judgement on bannable offenses.

Acceptable Mods

Below is a list of acceptable mods. We believe these mods to add a fun element to the game and when used innocently they will not cause problems. If you try to circumnavigate the capabilities of these mods to provide you with what moderators deem an unfair advantage, you will be banned. Again, if you have any questions, err on the side of caution and ask one of our moderators about it.

  • Standard texture packs
  • High resolution texture packs or mods
  • Any non-offensive player skin (using monster skins as your player skin is okay)
  • Lighting and sound mods
  • Mods that affect in-game chat
  • Mini-maps

Last Note

While not technically required by the rules, it is strongly recommended that you log on to Mumble, even if you don't have a mic. This may help prevent you from getting mistaken for a griefer if you are new to the server.

The moderators reserve the right, as always, to use their judgement on ban-able offenses, including but not limited to; harassment, racist remarks, failure to follow admin instructions, starting a political debate, use of nuclear weapons, using dirty bombs, failing the first grade, etc.

If you need help in game, please ask [ Trusted ] users first, then [ Moderator ] or [ Admin ]. Do not spam chat or admins with requests for help.